Book 1: Released January 2019 after an intense 7 year journey.

Cosmic Woman is an autobiography (trilogy) that Tessa has been working on since 2012. Part 1: 'Living a happier life with a cosmic consciousness' was published in January 2019. The book is already in a third edition, partly thanks to Tessa's successful performances during the Happinez Festival 2019 where she offered several talks in overcrowded yurts.

Volume 1: Cosmic Woman
Living a happier life with a cosmic consciousness

After a sweat lodge ceremony, a group energy - calling itself the 13 Grandmothers - makes telephatic contact with Tessa. These spiritual teachers help her to rebalance by living the natural rhythm of the 13 Moons. Every moon (month) offers a facet of Truth; a cosmic, feminine force. This ensures that Yin & Yang come into balance. Tessa learns to think cyclically and becomes attuned to a new reality of unlimited possibilities. Her goal and task as a Storyteller is to be the living proof of the new cosmic human being.

Volume 2: Cosmic Woman
Unraveling mysteries with a cosmic consciousness

Volume 3: Cosmic Woman Handbook
Free yourself with a cosmic consciousness

Tessa is currently working on these parts. It is not yet known when the books will be published.