Cosmic Woman

Credits: Corne van der Stelt for VROUW Magazine

Tessa Koop

'A woman armed with ancestral wisdom, is an unstoppable power.' - Anonymous 

Tessa started her career at PCM Publishing and worked as a journalist and in communication for many years. Her search for who we are inspired her to develop a cosmic consciousness.

Now she informs and inspires people about her life experiences. Tessa gives lectures and was a popular speaker at Happinez Festival 2019, she gives Cosmic Training and is founder of the online community @dreamcircle_cosmicwomen on Instagram.

In this online 'yurt' she inspires women to unwind: "When women honor their menstrual cycle again, their dream bodies become attuned to the rhythm of the 12 + 1 Moons. This connects them to their intuition, their dreams & visions and ... their Power. ”

The power of a cosmic awareness

Fotografie: Karen Scheffers

The universe we live in is based on consciousness. You are consciousness, with which you experience your physical reality.

The Sun and the Moon are the two celestial bodies that touch you most deeply. You are both: Yin & Yang. Moon and Sun. With the 13 Moons connected to the Sun, you step out of the illusion of a fixed reality.

Coming from a linair experience of time (thinking in separation) you start to remember how everything moves cyclically connected with the invisible world. And how you can consciously choose which reality you wish to experience.

To achieve this it is crucial that you charge your energy body like a battery and heal old beliefs based on the moon phases. The Sun that you are, begins to shine. But ... how can you change yourself?

Cosmic Woman helps you remember how it works: 'My awakening is your awakening. In essence, you are an ancient being, with a cosmic identity. Your memories and your DNA will bring you Home. '

Your connection to your Higher Self (your energy body) is the key to consciously creating the reality you desire.
You always have Free Will and the freedom to make your own choices.

Everything you can imagine you can experience. The world around us consists of "images" created by consciousness. You can change your world with your consciousness.

You attract your life experiences based on your strongest beliefs, emotions and actions.
Only when your beliefs change drastically will your experience of reality will change drastically.

Welcome to your magical holographic universe, in which you play The Game of Frequencies.