Cosmic Woman goes English

Cosmic Woman finally is being translated into English! I hope the release will be in 2021. The universe we live in is based on consciousness. You are consciousness, with which you experience your physical reality. The Sun and the Moon are the two celestial bodies that touch you most deeply. With the 13 Moons connected to the Sun, you step out of the illusion of a fixed reality. Coming from a linair experience of time you start to remember how everything moves cyclically connected with the invisible world. Your connection to your Higher Self (your energy body) is the key to consciously creating the reality you desire. To achieve this it is crucial that you charge your energy body like a battery and heal old beliefs based on the moon phases. The Sun that you are, begins to shine. But ... how can you change yourself? In my book Cosmic Woman I help you remember how it works…. Photo: Merel Zoet

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